Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I had to go to town today to get more canning jars and I then thought, hey I'm only a mile from the flea market. Well I never pass a chance to go and look around at all the stuff they have there. FleaLand is the largest indoor fleamarket in Kentucky, they also have lots of stuff outside as well. That's where all the good stuff is anyway. After looking for just a few minutes I found these, a meat grinder and a jucier. These are great items to have around the house, no electricty needed and they are very dependable also. Got the meat grinder for 3 bucks and the jucier for 2, pretty good deal I think.


Wretha said...

Great finds! If you run across any more of them, buy them up, especially at that price, you can use them as backups, and/or sell or barter with them. I would be interested in purchasing something like that too. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...Never seen an old juicer like that! Cool find! Gen--IL Homesteader

Marie said...

Those look really useful--and you can't beat those prices! This reminds me that I have a hand wheat grinder that I need to practice with--I heard that it's a pain to do it by hand and that an electric wheat grinder is far preferable, but for me, the more basic the better. (Of course I say that now, not having used it yet...) You can use a hand grinder anywhere--no outlet required. Doesn't look like you have to recharge batteries for your purchases, so no additional cost there, either. Gotta love a useful bargain.
The watermelon rinds look good. With cinnamon, it's a little hard to go wrong, so I'll bet they'll be good.

Rook said...

Can you send me a email to I have some questions I want to ask you about canning.


Nita said...

Looks like you got a great deal - wretha is right, good barter stock, same for canning jars. I don't think you can have too many duplicates of manufactured goods. Things break, or you need trading stock. Those WM pickles look gorgeous too.

Ron said...

Very nice finds.

Around here, flea markets sell dead chickens for $35/each. ;) If we're ever in Kentucky, we'll have to check that one out. :)


The Scavenger said...

Wretha, If find these nearly every weekend at the flea market. I will probably pickup a few more. If I get anymore I'll post pics.

Il-homesteader, this jucier is pretty cool, you just put a tomatoe in and squeese, berries or what ever.

Marie, I love old kitchen gadgets because they always seem to work properly. Even the electric stuuf I find that is old seems to always work.

Rook, sent ya an e-mail.

Nita, all the jars I find at the flea market are the old blue ones and they want 3 to 5 bucks a piece for them. I just don't see to many at yardsales either. But I'll be on the lookout. Watermelon rind looks really pretty, has to be good.

Ron, I can get laying hens for 5 to 8 dollars at the flea market here. Load up the family and come on down we would love to have you. We could all go to the market and hunt junk. lol

Thanks to all for your comments,

Nita said...

Hey Chris, Craigslist always has cheap canning jars here - some for barter. There is one guy we call the JAR NAZI because he won't sell me anymore jars! He haunts estate sales and will take anything, but he has good prices. He thinks I'm a nutcase for getting so many, but the feeling is mutual... My friends just go and pick them up, he hasn't caught on to us yet. hehe He's selling WM Qts for about $3.50 a dozen. I do alot of freezing in canning jars also.

Nita said...

You are a canning fool! Great label!

The Scavenger said...

Nita, Jar Nazi, I love it. No more jars for you!!! haha!! I never thought of craigslist, I 'll try that. $3.50 a dozen for qts, thats a great deal. Hope the jar Nazi don't catch ya. How do you freeze in glass jars??

I am a canning fool. lol Glad you like the label, they work great for us.