Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Little Garden Girls and Help From a Friend !

The girls and I thought that we should probably go ahead and dig some of the potatos today. The bugs have pretty well got the best of the vines. That's ok we will just have some little new taters to add to our green beans and to cook with other meals. Savannah (the one on the left) loves new potatos and will be eating most of them I bet, Katie (the little darling on the right) love the tomatos. After digging the taters the girls still wanted to work in the garden so we looked around to see what else we may be able to harvest today. They got maters, cuke's, bananna peppers and bell peppers too. Zucchini and squash were in the basket too, look what a huge cucumber Katie is holding. We had a great time in the garden this evening.

I ofcourse had the canner out today too. Canned some tomatos and some tomato juice. I ran into a little problem and had to ask a fellow blogger for help. MOH, who has a great blog over at Throwback at Trapper Creek came to the rescue. I was putting hot juice into hot jars with hot lids when the lids started to seal. I wasn't sure if I still need to put them in the canner or not so, I jumped over to Trapper Creek to ask MOH for some advice. I was lucky to catch her out of the hayfield for a min. The answer, can them with new lids and rings just to be on the safe side. She responded quickly to my question and saved the day. A GREAT BIG THANKS to MOH !!!!


Marie said...

That almost looks like a produce stand--glad your potatoes did so well. Just a question--do the same bugs that were working on the vines try to get at the actual potatoes as well?

The Scavenger said...

Marie, thanks, the potato bugs just seem to eat the vines. Slugs and worms try to beat us to the potatoes. The ones in the tote and the tires are still doing fine.


Nita said...

Thanks Chris, you and your helpers can come and work in our garden anytime. I wish mine had a little sister or brother.

Great kids and veggies!

Ron said...

Your potatoes did great!! I've been eating a few of the Yukon Golds around here... man, I've got to get better at growing taters! You are giving me hunger pangs. I'm gonna call around and see if I can locate some more seed potatoes this time of year... :)

It's such a great feeling when the produce starts coming in. Your kids are learning how fun it can be to participate too!

We've always just stuck our jars in the water anyway if they started to pop ahead of time...but not sure that's the recommended method - ! They usually seem to just un-pop, squeeze a little more air out, and then pop again when taken out.


The Scavenger said...

Thanks Ron ole' buddy, taters do pretty fair, still have some in the tote and the tires to dig. Vines are still green so I'm gonna wait awhile on them. I love it when the kids want to work in the garden, we have a good time down there.