Monday, January 12, 2009

Bread Success

I mentioned in the last post about making sandwich bread. It turned out really well. I got it a little too moist which made the crust harder than I would have liked, but still good. I used probably a 1/2 cup on warm water which was too much but it just didn't seem to look right me. The instructions said to make it really dry to have a light crust but I didn't listen. Next time I will. Maybe I'll try again tonight, I have all the ingredients so why not. It will be eaten for sure. I sliced it pretty thick too, thinner next time. If anyone has tried this recipe please let me know how yours turned out. Maybe you have some tips to offer.
Now that I think about it, it looks just the right thickness for Texas Toast. mmmmmmmm.


Christy said...

I make a honey whole wheat bread that is really good and easy. I'd like to use it for sandwiches but I'm terrible at cutting bread evenly and we tend to eat it all hot out of the oven. Guess I need to make 2 loaves if we want some for sandwiches.

Amy said...

Nice job Chris! One thing I've learned since I started baking bread is that you never stop learning. Yeast is a living entity and flour is finicky. Mastering the two makes one feel like Queen (King, in your case) of the Universe!

HermitJim said...

Ya'll are killing me with all this talk about bread! I guess I'll just have to go make some...

It really looks good to me. A little butter, honey, and fresh coffee...then a nap!

Thanks for the pics!

Joanna said...

slap some butter on that warm bread, umm boy.

my Bourbon Red turkeys - I got the original trio from a breeder in Athens, Tenn. We raised two daughters this summer. Actually started with 4 that hatched and 2 made it which from what I've heard 50% is good. For some reason, turkey poults are difficult to get to maturity but once at maturity then they're good to go.

Turkeys eat quite a bit of feed but we really enjoy 'em. We don't have much land, you've probably got a lot better pickins for 'em than we do.

The hens are standoffish but Franklin loves attention, kids really get a kick out of him. I can't carry on a conversation with any newcomer without Franklin gobbling and interupting the whole time.

Wretha said...

Nothing works better for slicing bread, especially freshly made bread, than an electric knife. I love mine, it even has a slicing guide so you can get consistent slices.

Or get a GOOD bread knife, one with a serrated blade and keep it sharp.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Boy, does that look good! Great job! Did you make that second loaf? Gen

Marie said...

That looks delicious--nothing like homemade bread! Wish we could smell it from here... :)

The Scavenger said...

Christy, Honey whole wheat sounds great. I don't do a very good job of cutting either as you ca see.

Amy, thank ya. It is a pretty tricky process. Makes one wonder how people bake bread in those wood fired cookstoves. Experience I guess. I am the KING of this castle......NOT. lol

Jim, come on over and have some good warm bread, got the coffee on for ya too. Then we can sit by the woodstove and take a long nap. Now that's a good day.

Joanna, thanks for the info on the turkeys, they sound fun.

Wretha, thanks, I think we have an electric knife here somewhere, now, where is that thing.

Gen, thanks, no second loaf....yet. Got it on my mind for today though.

Marie, thank you. It is really good and you could smell it all over the house. Nothing like the smell of fresh bread, better than any of those fancy candles.

Thank you all for your comments. Wish you could have been here for the bread. I'll make us some more soon.