Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reaffiramation of New Years Declarations

This is a re-post of my New Years Declarations. I know that many have been inspired by them and many have been kind enough to link to this post. I wanted to post them again for any that may not have read them before and to reaffirm my Declarations to myself and to the World.
I have decided that this year there will be no New years resolutions, there will be declarations instead. Resolutions are too easy to wiggle out of if you ask me. My list will be Declarations. I declare I will do these things, or die trying. My list is complicated and my goals are high but this is a time in my life that I need to demand more of myself, as we all should. Let's get serious about what changes need to be made and tackle them head on with a vengeance. Here is a list of my Declarations.

I DECLARE, I will stop smoking these cigarettes. Marlboro has shortened my life and emptied my pockets long enough.

I DECLARE, I will stop my addiction to diet coke, 20 a day is just a little out of hand.
I DECLARE, I will make better use of the things available to me, my garden and my livestock, my land and my water source.
I DECLARE, I will produce electricity in a usable amount, be it solar, wind or micro hydro power. I will begin my energy independence this coming year.
I DECLARE, I will learn new skills to help improve our way of life. Soap making, Cheese making and Blacksmithing are among them.
I DECLARE, I will be a better brother, son, father, husband and friend to those I love.
I DECLARE, I will continue to gather and store food and other perps necessary to protect my family.
I DECLARE, I will make better use of my finances. I have never seen a well that won't run dry.
I DECLARE, I will take better care of the things that have been given me. My cars, animals, tools, property and my life to name a few.
I DECLARE, I will take time to smell the roses. Time management will be a top priority.
I will be posting on the success of these Declarations in the near future and will be honest with you and myself as to the outcome. I encourage my readers to call me out on these Declarations. If I haven't mentioned them in some time, ask why! Don't let me forget that I made these DECLARATIONS right here for the whole world to see and hear and that I am obligated to fulfill them.
I am interested to know your plans for the New Year. Are you making resolutions or DECLARATIONS ??


Joanna said...

have ya smoked one today? :-)

Christy said...

We are setting goals for the new year. To me that is different from resolutions and declarations. They aren't focused so much on this we want to change about ourselves, but things we want to accomplish.

Judit said...

20 Diet Cokes a Day? Wow, that is crazy! Good luck with stopping that. I tried Diet Kola Capsules instead and I cut from 8 to 2 a day. Maybe that would work for you! Happy 2009!

Amy said...

All very honorable and noble declarations Chris. I especially like the last one, it's one that I've finally learned to do. Getting to the finish first is not the goal in life...enjoying the journey is!

Best wishes in the New Year and if you need any support you can count on me!

The Scavenger said...

Joanna, it's 6:15 pm and I have had 2 1/2 smokes and 5 cokes. Not the best I know but it's a lot better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be even better. I am fighting the good fight.

Christy, Goals are great too. What ever term you use to get the job done is wonderful. Good luck.

Judith, Yes it is crazy and sad that I let it get that out of hand. I have never heard of those capsules, thanks. I may have to give them a try. Or got to rehab. hehe!!

Amy. thank you so much for your support. I think the peanut brittle has motovated me the most. lol

Thank you all for stopping by and I wish you all a Very Happy New Year. May all your dreams, goals and declarations come true. You guys and gals are the best of the best.