Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today wasn't a total loss

Even though I still have no goats milk the day was still pretty productive. Daisy did seem happy to get on the milking stand, that has to be good. We are in for some really cold weather this week and I needed to work on the chicken coop and the goat barn some to prepare for it. Don't want to loose any animals due to my neglect. I covered the 2 windows on the chicken coop with clear plastic to keep the cold out and the warm in. I also got 3 eggs today, have only been getting about 4 or 5 a week. That's better for sure. I covered the goat barn on the front where I had left somewhat of an opening so they could get plenty of fresh air. I sealed it up and left an opening in the door so they can still get in and out. This should keep it warmer and dryer in the barn. Lou Lou, our other boer doe, is getting bigger and bigger the last few days. Maybe we will have more kids soon. She is not as big as Daisy was so I am not really expecting twins from her. This is also her first breeding as was Daisy's. Emily, our pygmy doe, is gaining some weight but I don't think she will kid anytime very soon. Ya just never know.
I know I have gave you nothing but failures the last few days and I'm sorry. You all take time to stop by and read my ramblings and you must leave on a bit of a sorrowful note. Hope I'm not ruining your day by sharing my failures. But, I want to give you an honest account of what goes on here. It's not always success. I am new to many of the things that I try and can only rely my research, your advice and trial and error. I can only keep trying and learning along the way. For some of you, none of this is new, for others that may be thinking and dreaming of living on a small farm, maybe you are learning along with me. I hope so. I don't paint the prettiest picture for you but, and honest one. I hope you will stay with me and maybe I can post on some real success stories for us both. Until then, I'll be here, one foot in front of the other, moving along as best I can.
'Til then, I remain,
Your Friend,


Anonymous said...

Hey, we all have failures on our journey Chris, all part of our learning. I like reading honest blogs, those that make it all seem roses we all know are less than straight!
Keep on keeping on, I enjoy the blog.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I hope it doesn't get too cold there - but it sounds like you are prepared.

As for the doom and gloom, don't worry about upsetting anyone, your just painting the picture as it happens, and that is real and appreciated by your readers.

Keep up the good work, if you didn't have some bad, how would you know when it was good?

Stay warm.

HermitJim said...

Hey man...experience is the best teacher, and I appreciate you doing the learning and sharing with us both the good and bad!

By learning from your mistakes, you pass on the knowledge to us that makes it easier to not make the same mistakes.

Just keep on doing what you're doing...and we'll all learn, OK?

BTW, thanks!

Marie said...

I appreciate your sharing your experiences and the comments left by others--can't begin to say how much I learn from your blog. Not likely that I will have ever livestock, but you never know, so I'm storing a lot of the stuff I learn here away in case I need it. I don't think you can ever learn too thanks for sharing. Besides, it's unselfish to share the downs as well as the ups--if you have questions first, your readers may not have them later...

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

The only way to learn what works and what doesn't is by trial and error and people never stop learning. Especially when it comes to the farm and livestock and that is a good thing. I love your blog and I learn a lot more by hearing about not only what works great but also the things that might not work the first time. It just makes your blog more interesting and helpful to others. Don't change a thing!

edifice rex said...

Don't be discouraged Chris; you are doing fine. I don't know a darn thing about goats so I can't offer any words there but the important thing is to keep trying. I get very discouraged sometimes trying to build this house by myself but you just have to take a break sometimes and maybe try a different way.

Christy said...

I don't think 2 unsuccessful tries at milking can constitute a failure. It is a learning curve for both of you.

mmpaints said...

Chris, I'm learning some cool goat stuff from all this, keep it up. Besides, life is a journey, we gotta take the bad with the good, just part of it! LOL, example- what happened with me yesterday!

TEAM HALL said...

It's only a failure when you quit...and you, my friend, are no quitter!! I love reading about your adventures...just gets me all revved up thinking about how I will tackle them when it's my turn. You are an invaluable resource, Chris! I only wish that I could be there to witness firsthand the good and the bad.
Hugs to yah,

The Scavenger said...

Molly, thank you very much for your comment. Honesty is always the best policy. That's what ya get here for sure. lol

Throwback, thanks gal, I know you have know many heartaches in your farmlife, so you know how it goes. Thanks for your encouragement and comments.

HermitJim, thanks brother. I hope others are learning from my mistakes. No need in everybody messing up. haha!! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving such kind comments.

Marie, you and I have learned so much from each other for sure. I am glad that I can provide something useful to my readers, keeps my going. Thank you for always being a dear friend.

Shiloh, trial and error is the norm here at my place. But I guess that's ok. I have learned many ways to NOT do things. lol Thank you so much and I'm happy that you take something with you when you leave my blog. You are much appreciated.

Edifice Rex, I don't know much about goats either. lol But I am learning, though it be by trial and error. I love to learn new things and with that sometimes things just don't go the way we plan. Maybe step back and take another look is what I'll do. I've tried everything else so, why not. Thanks for keeping me on the right track and for your comments, I love to hear from you. Good luck on the house too, I know you will get there.

Christy, I know that you plan to have and milk goats soon so, my mistakes are a benifit to you for sure. Glad to be able to help. hehe!! No really, thank you for your comments and for reading my crazy stuff.

MM, thanks for coming over to comment. I'm happy that you are learning with me about goats. Maybe you will have some one day too. P.S. I hope your soap turns out great. Maybe goats milk soap is in your future??

Cath, I wish you could be here too, I could use the help. hehe!! I can't wait until you and Big Daddy and the girls are at the cabin for good. I can just see the goats and the garden now, all the food storage too. Thank you for always being so kind in all your comments. I love to hear from my friend from Canada.

Thank you all so very much for being such wonderful friends.


Amy said...

Don't give up Chris, there is a learning curve to this whole goat milking thing, especially when you and your goats are new at it. You'll get the rhythm though. When do you plan to wean the kids? When you wean them later on you'll have a lot easier time of it I think.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I have always had the best luck with weaning goat kids at 3 months old. The more time they spend with their mother the better they seem to grow out.

Hope you don't mind but I nominated you for the Lemonade Stand Award. You can check it out on my blog. The basis of the award is for gratitude and attitude and your good attitude and good sense of humor comes through your blog so well I had to nominate your blog.

kymber said...

BAAH! and BAAH again!

Some of us come here and expect THE TRUTH! Too many homesteading blogs make everything sound way too rosey - maybe those people have never failed at anything! And good for them!

But for anyone who is even considering the idea of homesteading...we need to hear about the hard facts and the hard truth! And we need to hear and learn about it in a humorous way or we will never get the courage to do it ourselves!

I check your blog every single day and am let down when there is not a new entry (not trying to put any pressure on you!). But when there is a new entry I am guaranteed to learn at least one new thing and guaranteed to come away giggling! So please, please, please keep up the honest and humorous good work!

your friend,

The Scavenger said...

Amy, thanks, I am in the steepest part of this learning curve I think. hehe!! You're right though, me and the goats are new to all of this. Gonna wean around 2 - 3 months I think. Maybe then it will be better. Thanks for always leaving such a nice comment. I love reading your blog.

Shiloh, around 3 months is probably about right I think too. An Award.....for me....Shucks. You are too kind. I gladly accept and will do my best to live up to its standards. Thank you too much.

Kymber, You'll get the truth here mainly because I can't remember the same lie twice. LOL I think people who are thinking of homesteading do need to hear both sides of the story. I'd hate for anyone to start out with the thought that everything goes their way all the time. That would be a big let down to many. Maybe folks see that it can still be done but with it's ups and downs. Try to get ya a post tomorrow, don't want to dissapoint my faithful readers. hehe!!

Thank you all for your comments. It's so nice to hear from you all, I always look forward to reading what you have to say. Thanks for taking the time.


Peggy said...

failures are what make us stronger and more determined. Please keep trying to get milk from your goat. The more they are milk the better the milk supply. If you don't keep milking her the supply will go down to just enough for the kids. If you try milking her every day the milk should increase. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos. Great blog!

The Scavenger said...

Peggy, thank you for your comment. So you think I need to keep trying even now? I still have 2 kids nursing. By reading your blog I know you have more experience than I do. If that's your opinion, I'll keep on trying then, I know you know more about goats than I do for sure. lol Thanks,


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh, you're not leaving us upset! I mean, we feel bad for you when things don't go right, just like we feel bad for our selves or anyone else. But, you have a way of writing in an encouraging style. It always ends feeling like there's a light at the end of the tunnel--it'll be better tomorrow. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Anyway, we'll always be back for more! Gen

The Scavenger said...

Gen, thanks. I hope you will be back often. I love to hear everyone's thoughts and comments. Thank you much.