Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Waste that HEAT !!

Any of you guys and gals been cold lately?? I have. I am sure that most of you probably have electric heat of some kind in your home. If you are a 100% off girder, then maybe not, but if you do have electric heat and you use it, you know how dry that heat can be. Crack the inside of your nose kinda dry, right? OK then, most of us also have an electric dryer too. If you answered yes to these two questions or if you heat with wood, coal or what ever this may be something you would like to try. When using your electric dryer, all the heat that is produced from your heating elements that dry your clothes is exhausted out of the house. Now what's up with that?? I'm using all this electricity (not cheap either) to produce this heat and then I let it blow right out the wall or floor?? Here is a little trick that will let you capture some of that heat and add some much needed moisture to the air in your home too. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS WITH A GAS/PROPANE DRYER !!!! The exhaust from these can be harmful or possibly fatal if exposed to for long periods of time. If you have a gas or propane clothes dryer *** DO NOT TRY THIS ***. OK, now you're on your own if you do. Sometimes when it's really cold out and it's a little cooler than I'd like it to be in the house, I use the exhaust from my electric clothes dryer to help warm the house. You simply take the vent hose loose from the wall vent or floor vent, which ever you have, place an old towel in the hole in the wall and let the dryer vent into the house. Place a (are you ready for this??) pair of pantyhose over the end of the vent pipe to collect any dryer lint that will get through the pipe. The result, warm air (usually around 140 degrees F) and moisture from your wet clothes that are drying away in the dryer. Now I know most of us have a clothes rack that we use to dry our clothes in front of the fire or near a window or wherever it's warm and out of the way, BUT, if you're are gonna use that dryer to dry clothes...Don't Waste that HEAT !!
I know we are all trying to save in each and every little way that we can, it's just the kinda folks we are. I have used this method many many times and it in NO WAY effects the efficiency of your dryer or harms it in any way. Just make sure you clean out your pantyhose after each load. LOL God, that just sounds too funny....


Staying Alive said...

Running an electric dryer is 15 to 20% of your monthly electric bill. Why throw it out?


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Such a great idea, Chris! We were actually given a 'thing' that you cut into your dryer to allow the hot air to vent into the room. Fortunately, I researched it on the web and found that because we have a gas dryer, we couldn't use it. I was so disappointed, too. Glad to know someone actually uses that idea! Gen

kymber said...

what a fantastic post! thanks for sharing this info! We live in a very-well insulated bungalow but with yesterday being -24C and today at a balmy -29C, we can definitely use the dryer heat to help keep us warm! now i am off to gather a couple of loads of laundry and don't worry - i won't forget to clean my pantyhose after each use - bahahah!

TEAM HALL said...

Ummm...that's Liv's pantyhose....right Chris??!?! lol
Seriously, it's a great idea!

Joanna said...

We have an electric dryer with air vented into the laundry room. Actually the warm air blows right on the electric heat pump
thermostat. :-)

I love the tips, keep posting them.

The Scavenger said...

Michael, that's true and why waste the heat that it produces. Thanks for your input.

Gen, I have seen those things you are talking about. I think you use a bucket of water to catch the lint with that one. I'm too tight to buy onw. haha!!

Kymber, hope this helps to keep you warmer. Man that's some cold weather you guys are having. Clean you

TeamHall, it's really a pair that I had left over from when I use to robb banks. Worn 'em over my head. lol Liv has some too...I guess. Oh yea, fish net stockings don't work too well.

Joanna, that's great, glad you're getting all the use from your dryer.

Thank you all and I hope this will save you a little money on your heating bill and keep you warmer during this cold cold time.


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

What a great idea! It is so simple I feel silly I never thought of it and my dryer is running right now at the same time the heater is! lol Thanks for the great heat saving tip!

HermitJim said...

One thing I never run short on is old panty wait, wait!!
Remember that I have a LOT of women in my family! My mom, 2 sisters,all my nieces...

But over the yers I have used them for filters on a lot of things...just never worn them!

Thanks for the tip, my friend!

The Scavenger said...

Shiloh, hope this will help keep you warmer. Give it a try and let me know how it workd for you.

Jim, panty hose are great to have around for sure, lots of uses.

Thank you for coming by to visit.


Ace said...

Darn it, I have a GAS dryer. I had been thinking about doing this, thanks for the warning...what a dumb way to die!

Many Blessings :)

The Scavenger said...

Ace, I'm glad you got the warning in time.. Too bad you have a gas dryer...unless you have free gas.

Thanks for coming over.