Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reference Manuals

I love using the Internet to find all types of information, I use it daily as a matter of fact. But, nothing compares to the warmth of a good book on a cold winter day. Cup of coffee (and one for each of you to0 ), my favorite chair (the one closest to the wood stove ) and a good book are all I need to be complete. I love books and have many. Our shelves are full of books that I have acquired over the years on various topics. I do, like most of you, have some favorites. These are the ones that sit on my chair side table at this moment. They are changed out every few days or so, so I can refresh myself on the things that I enjoy most. Nearly all of my books are reference manuals of some sort although I do have some non-fiction that I enjoy too.
The last few days reading have consisted of the 3 books below. I highly recommend them to all of my readers, packed full of useful information.
Can you ever really have enough first-aid knowledge?? I though you would agree.
I was amazed at the number of people that perish, ones that have a compass, and don't have any idea how to use it. The numbers are mind boggling. Always refresh myself on this skill from time to time.
How could anyone be without one. I have read this thing until the pages are worn. I have made numerous notes on nearly each and every page. I would never be without it, never.
I just wanted to share a few good reference books with you today, ones that could save your life or the life of a loved one. Now I don't keep these with me everywhere I go but I do refer to them often. A good knowledge of the skills offered in these books makes me feel a little safer in the fact that if the need arises, I will know what to do. Reading and learning from these is also a good way to prep for future events too, and the best part is, you can do it when it's cold outside, it's wet outside and you're BROKE !! lol I truly believe that knowledge is the most important preparation one can make.


Joanna said...

and I have few books that I am happy to recommend but won't loan out because I'd be fretting if I'd be getting 'em back.

yes, I love a good book, and to lay in a warm bed with my dogs, while reading it.

HermitJim said...

A good book is like an old friend. Nice to revisit from time to time.

Like you said, can't ever have too much knowledge and it's one thing that no one can take away!

You have a good day, my friend!

Christy said...

I'll have to check out the compass one. That is something Logan and I want to learn to do. When it gets warm we are going to do letterboxing, that will give us good orientering practice.

The Scavenger said...

Joanna, I know what you mean about loaning books, I'm going tomorrow and borrow my Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens BACK. I too love a good book much better than TV. Thank you for your comment.

Hermit Jim, How true, I love to revisit mine. Thank you for taking the time to say hello, always good to hear from friends.

Christy, Staying Found is a great book for the whole family. I hope you are able to find a copy cheap. Thank you for always being nice enough to comment here.

Amity said...

I love coffee and books too...I will be checking our your suggestions for sure. I am always looking for good reference manuals. I absolutely adore "The Encyclopedia For Country Living" by Carla Emery...a must have reference book.

The Scavenger said...

Amity, thank you for coming over to visit and comment, I appreciated all comments. I also have a copy of the book you mention, I use it nearly everyday.

Thank you


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks for the book suggestions. I keep a running list so that I can continually remember and be looking for recommended ones. Like Joanna said, I loaned one of my favorites to someone months ago and don't have it back yet. I did hint about it a few weeks back, but I think I'm going to have to lay a stronger hint on them! Enjoy that cup of coffee! Gen

kymber said...

Chris...much thanks for the coffee but can i have a good 'ol cup of sage tea instead (i can bring my own that i grew this summer and of course, i will bring extra for your family!)

i, too, love the Encyclopedia for Country Living and 2 more to add: "The New Victory Garden" by Bob Thomson and "Putting Food By" by Greene, Hertzberg and Vaughan...both good books for small gardeners living smack-dab in the city but working towards getting out and heading back to the country.

On an entirely different note but staying on topic of books...i love re-reading "The Fairyland of Science" by Arabella Buckley (my copy is off the first publishing in 1898!!!). it is a wonderful book that describes science in very magical ways and calls sunbeams and raindrops and the like - fairies! gosh i love that book!

anyway, sorry for hogging up your comment space - now i must go searching for the other 3 books you recommend.

Take care friend!

Marie said...

Thanks for a reminder about a resource that I need to get more of and for providing suggestions--I tend to get manuals out from the library and look at them, but I need to get more of these particular types in my own personal collection. Reading them before the info's needed would also help... :) Great post.

DayPhoto said...

I just wanted to commend you on your resolutions to stop smoking and drinking diet coke. I am trying to lose weight, what an hard, hard thing.


warren said...

I like my Boy Scout manual as well...have you seen the Boy Scout Field Guide? It's even better I think!

The Scavenger said...

Gen, thanks. These are really useful books to have around and they are fun to read and learn from too.

Kymber, I'm not much of a tea drinker but please come on by, love to have ya. I loand out my copy of New Victory Garden and forgot it til now. Thanks for the reminder. Sounds like we have some reading in common too. Always glad to have your comments no matter how long they are. Love to hear from ya.

Marie, these are great books for anyone to have. If you have some children around there are a lot of really cool projects to do with them too. That way you all learn and have fun at the same time.

Linda , thanks for coming over. It is truly the hardest thing ever. Good luck and please come back.

Warren, I will be looking for the field guide too, thanks man. I love Scouting and all it stands for.

Thank you all for your comments. Good to hear from each of you.


Don said...

Hey Chris, those are all great reference books to have. i am going to add them to my collection. If you want to read some great fiction, try the Patrick O'Brien series based on historical ships' logs from jolly old England. A movie came out about the books several years ago called "Captain and Commander, The Far Side of the World."

Your blog is so informative. I really enjoy seeing another guy baking bread!

The Scavenger said...

Don, thank you. That books sounds like something I would love, I'll be looking for it. And yes I do like to bake bread, never know when I 'll be the only one here to do it. lol