Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold & Goat Pictures

Spent most of the day caring for the goats and chickens. Carrying water mostly. It was a great day to own coveralls for sure, couldn't make it without 'em in this weather. Took of few pictures of the goats while I was out too.

Eve is so photogenic, ain't she a pretty thing?

I see where the goats milk is going. That's ok, nothing better for the kids.

Eve just had to turn around for one more picture. hehe!! You can see where I put plastic over the front of the little barn.

Eve and Scout investigating a water bucket.

And the Chief, our pygmy buck and the father of the kids.

Chief's little house. This is Katie's summer playhouse that I bought at the flea market for 10 bucks. Works great for goat housing in the winter. I don't think Chief cares much for the pink door though.


Christy said...

Such pretty goats! I think I may need some coveralls, it is getting cold out there!

Marie said...

Always love the photos--you have some pretty little goats. It looks like it's as cold there as it is here... :)

The Scavenger said...

Christy, Thank you. I think the first pair of coveralls fell from heaven on a cold winters day. lol I keep mine at the back door and ready to anytime I go out in the cold, saves your clothes too.

Marie, Thanks and yes it is very cold. About 5 right now. Going down to check the goats and make sure they are ok.

Thank you both for your comments, I appreciated the time you take to read and comment.


TEAM HALL said...

You must have a perma-grin every time you head out your front door! Seeing those 2 little sweeties makes me giggle! They are tooooo sweet!!
Chief has some fancy digs there for sure!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh, the babies are too cute! They look like they definitely have their winter coats growing in. And the house--the little tykes goat house! How smart is that! I never would have thought of it! I just love it! I'm gonna keep my eye out for one at a garage sale, too! Maybe hubby'll let me have more animals if he doesn't have to build their houses! :-)(how many !!!! are in that post!?)lol

Joanna said...

Your baby goats really are a beautiful color.

10 bucks? Do you know how much those playhouses cost new? a small fortune. Pefect goat house.

warren said...

You have to paint that door for Chief...otherwise he may start wanting to buy curtains and a feather bed!

HermitJim said...

Things are looking good around the old homestead, my friend! Beautiful outside family, I have to say!

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous kids!!

The Scavenger said...

Team Hall, that I do. I love going down to see the goats, the only alone time I get. hehe!! Chief has a pretty good place to hang out too.

Gen, the little play house works great. There are 2 kids 3 does and Chief the big daddy, so, 6 all together now. Lou Lou and Emily have yet to kid, soon I hope. Hope you can find something that will work as a animal shelter for you. Makes it a lot less trouble.

Joanna, thanks. I lucked up on the play house for sure and yes it's great. Easy too.

Warren, Got to paint that door for sure. The man of the field has to have a cool pad for the girls. lol

Hermit Jim, Thanks brother, I love it here man. Love them goats too.

Mama, thanks and thank you for stopping by, hope you come back often.

Thank you all for you wonderful comments. I always look forward to hearing from my blogger friends, you help keep my sanity.


scoutinlife said...

s are some cute little goats around your farm! Thanks for Sharing..........

Amy said...

Awww, such cute babies! I love the playhouse idea. And that little "yard goose" in front of it is so cute!

Ace said...

EVE IS THE CUTEST GOAT EVER! I love Chief, he looks so regal! And the play house is so funny. Sorry I am a wanna be country girl so this stuff just tickles me.

I love baby goats, we met some once and they followed us around waiting for us to bend over so they could head butt us. It was so funny. The got me good!

BTW, what type of coveralls do you use? I should get some for The General (my dh)?
Many Blessings :)

The Scavenger said...

Scout, thanks buddy, we like 'em a lot. Named the little buck, Scout. His daddy is Cheif and I thought he could be the indian Scout. lol

Amy, thanks and I didn't even notice the duck in the picture. She was probably looking to see if any feed was still there. lol I didn't even see it there.

Ace, The General, that's too funny. I don't rank that high here sorry to say. lol Cheif jumps up on his hind leggs and wants to head butt everything, the dog, the ducks, you name it. Funny thing is that he never does hit anything, more for show I think. The coveralls are just cheap ones from WallyWorld, insulated and lots of pockets. Their great to slip on and go.

Thanks to all of you for the comments...appreciate ya.