Thursday, January 8, 2009

Milking Stand

Made a little progress today. I rounded up enough scrap lumber to finish the Goat's Milking Stand. Well, I'm nearly finished, still have to attach the feeder on the front. All in all it's not bad and will work just fine. I made it 20 inches wide and 4o inches long, 18 inches high. Those numbers just seemed to be right for me. I kinda went by this picture and made a few adjustments along the way. In the first picture you can see the neck gate is open. The goat will put her head thru the gate to get to the feed and then you close the gate. This holds her head in place so she can't pull back thru and interrupt the milking process. In theory that is. If she tries to move her legs around and kick the bucket over I will attach a small strap to the base so I can restrain her legs.

The neck gate is closed in this picture.

I can also use this stand when I need to trim the goats hooves or examine them. This way I can feel better knowing they are secure during the whole thing. I'll move it to the barn tomorrow and let the girls kinda get used to it being there. I may add a little feed to the feeder too. That is if I get the feeder finished. Anyway they can get used to it. In a few days I will try to milk again. Maybe have better luck this time. Oh yea, I also have some roll roofing left over that I can use on the base. This will keep them from maybe slipping while on the stand and it's good and rough and will help wear their hooves down some to I guess.
I had a plan that I thought would help with my addictions today. I would just be without them. If ya ain't got ya can't smoke or drink 'em. Well that was a good plan. The only problem is that I have 3 vehicles sitting out there that will take me anywhere I want to go. Too bad I had a little cash too I guess. Well, you know where this storey is going. Next time I will get rid of this nasty money. The battle continues..........


HermitJim said...

If you start rollg your own, as I do, it will help you cut down because of the time it takes to roll a pack. It also makes you more aware of how many you are smoking and it's a LOT cheaper!

good luck on the habits, my man...BTW, the milking stand is looking good!

Joanna said...

that looks great, I'm proud of ya! that's something else you need to start advertising and selling.

The Scavenger said...

I just really want to quit all together, health and money reasons. Thanks for the comment on the stand too. I think it's gonna be great.

Joanna, Goats milk soap, lotion and cheese is what I'm thinking. That is if I can get some milk. lol
Maybe stand too!!

Thank you both for your comments, I love to hear from you.

Your friend,

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great looking milk stand! Just keep working at it and you will kick those habits in no time!

Marie said...

Now I get it--thanks for including the picture of the milking stand. I bet it won't be long before you're getting gallons of milk going... Good luck with your ongoing fight--funny how money can sometimes be really un-useful...:)

Spinner said...

Nice milk stand, I have never seen one with a stanchion quite like that one. When my husband built mine, I requested it tall enough so that I could sit in a chair with my feet and legs under it to milk, it is a real back saver. The goat that I am milking now happily jumps up on it with no problem but as she gets older I will have to put a bale of straw or something to help her up.

Christy said...

I like the milking stand. Logan and I plan to make a milking stand soon. We just need to get the wood. We have no scrap wood at all!

The Scavenger said...

Shiloh, thank ya much.

Marie, a picture is worth a thousand words, even more when you have no idea what someone is talking about. Glad this helps you see it a little better. Money, always use it for the wrong things. lol Oh well, onward !!

Spinner, sounds like you have great stand. Gonna hop over at your blog and see if I can find a pic.

Christy, Hope the link to the plans will be of some use to you and Logan. I am always looking for scrap wood. This could be built with pallets too. Just break 'em down and use what you need. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buy new wood. lol

Thank ya all for your comments, you keep me moving it the right direction.

Your friend,

Peggy said...

With your milk stand you will be able to milk a lot easier. I milk 6 twice a day(when they're not dried off for kidding) and they wait in line to hop up and eat while I milk. I am trying to kick the tv habit. I use to leave it on all day just for background noise. Now I watch early morning news and turn it off till late evening. Soon I want to not even turn it on at all!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Chris, the milking stand looks great! You did a great job! BTW, if you need a place to get rid of your money, I can send you my address! I'll be glad to help out! :-) lol You'll get there--just hang on! Gen

Hidden Brook Farm said...

The stand turned out great!

warren said...

Send that filthy money my way. I hate to see you burdened by it!

TEAM HALL said...

That looks terrific!!!!
You can build stuff, can stuff, make weird things out of drill parts...really Chris, I'm impressed! You're like Red Green except waaaay cuter! lol

jne0493 said...

Let see:


At least you're consistantly, steadily and slowly breaking your declaration... ;^)

At this rate, you should be back to your old self by the end of the 1st month...

Ya know I just can't help myself sometimes...

Nanananah, I haven't had a cigarette since last year, or 10 days now.

On a lighter, more friendly note, I like your milk stand. I tried to build a parlor, and milk 6 at a time, perhaps if I'd started with the one-on-one, things would've gone better for me.

Take Care,

The Scavenger said...

Peggy, thank you. You milk 6 goats twice a day?? Now that's a bunch of milk and a busy day. I hardly ever watch TV, give me the internet anyday. Good luck with quitting it all together.

Gen, thank you a bunch. Got my electric bill today so all that nasty money has found a new home. Grrrr. Thank you.

Hidden Brook Farm, thanks, I 'm pleased with it. Can't wait to try it out.

Warren, thanks for having my back man. hehe!!

Team Hall, thanks to my Crazy Canadian Friend. I'm kind of a cross between McGyver and Jed Clampant (Before he had money) maybe a little James Bond in there too. LOL Thanks a bunch.

Jeff, thanks for all your smart ass comments. LOL Really Jeff is my cousin if you're reading this and like a brother to me and I love him dearly. He knows I need a good smack everynow and then, thanks buddy. Can't wait to try the milk stand and the new milker.

the tent lady said...

Hi! Just had to pop in and say hello. I agree with Jim, rolling my own cigs cut way down on how many I smoke. And I'm way inspired by your goat stand. My daughter almost bought a milking goat last winter but we were too unprepared. She's been buying goat milk chips for toothpaste, don't know if you ever tried them but they leave your teeth and gums feeling great. We'd like to learn to make yogurt and cheese too... someday.

The Scavenger said...

Tent lady, thanks so much for stopping by. Never tried goat chips before but I will look for some soon. I hope you will be able to get a milk goat soon and learn from my many mistakes. lol Stay warm and thank you,