Monday, January 5, 2009

Round 1 - Daisy- 1 Chris- 0

Well, my goat milking day could have went a lot better, could have been worse too I guess. I still have a grin on my face thinking of the days events. I gathered my bucket of warm soapy water and rag to wash of the utter and teats. I had my bucket for my anticipated milk. I had a feed bucket fixed to the wall of the barn at just the right height. I had my bag balm and teat dip ready. I had a small box of raisins to offer as a reward for being such a good girl while I milked her. Daisy's collar was attached to the leash to keep her from moving around during the process. I was set, or so I thought. I gently placed my hand on the first teat and gave a little squeeze and a small stream of milk came out and onto the ground. The first few squirts are sent to the ground as to clean the end of the teat of anything that may be in the end. OK, seems to be going ok. Then 3 more squirts in the bucket and then Daisy began to move around a bit. Ok, I'll talk to her and maybe calm us both down a little. After a little conversation and brushing my hand over her back I tried again. Daisy made it clear that this was not something that she cared for at all. Ok, let's talk it over and see if we can get through this. She was getting very frustrated and tyring her best to free herself from the leash that held her somewhat in place. I decided to unclasp the leash and see what happened. She went to the opposite corner and turned and faced me as if to say "that's enough for today". Well rather than leave us both frustrated with the situation I decided that maybe that was enough for today. I gave her the raisins anyway almost trying to say I'm sorry and gave her plenty of love. So for today, Daisy 1, Chris 0. She may have won this battle but I will continue to fight the silent and gentle war. It was something new for us both and we both have much to learn. That's ok, we have to start somewhere and today we got our start. Tomorrow I will start on the milking stand that I want to build and we'll see how it goes with that set up. Only time will tell. I remain very determined to milk my goats but I am willing to be patient so as to make it a pleasant experience for us both. Tomorrow, I will try again......and again......and again.

The reward for today's efforts. Hey, it's just a drop in the bucket as they say.


I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

I would be so proud of myself and of Daisy and especially what was in that bucket!

Congrats on your progress in regards to smokes and Cokes - KEEP IT UP!! Have you added how much you have already saved in just 5 days?

Joanna said...

Oh good, you're gonna build a milk stand. Will help to have the head/neck restrained.

Amy said...

LOL I feel bad for both of you! A new milking goat generally ain't too thrilled about the whole idea. I went through that with my 4-H goats. Something I found that really helped was going through the motions about a month before my doe delivered. She got used to the idea and didn't mind all the new handling. If you could have someone offer her a very tempting treat, very slowly, while you milk her it might help distract her a bit. Good luck!

I see you're keeping track of your progress as you fight to kick your addictions. Keep up the effort! You're doing great!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

A milk stand will make all the difference, the first two weeks we had our dairy goats we did not have one...what a back killer! I love my milk stand and it gets lots of use, not only for milking but for trimming hooves and other things. I just wouldn't be without one now that I know how handy they are. Good job on the milk lesson for your goat, she will get better about it.

Marie said...

I'm always impressed by how well you treat your animals. If you build a milk stand, will you take pictures? From the comments it sounds like I would need a picture to get how it works...glad you got some milk anyway!

The Scavenger said...

Pearls, thank you, I got a start anyway. It all starts with one step and today she and I took it. After 7 days I will add up my savings ( what little they may be ) and post the results. Still trying hard to quit.

Joanna, Gonna start on the milk stand tomorrow, if the rain lets up that is.

Amy, I guess we will both get used to it. It's just gonna take some time. Slow but sure wins the race. I have cut back on the smokes and cokes, still not good enough for me though. I want to quit now. Thank you to my Ohio friend, you da best.

Shiloh, I think the milk stand will help us both. Makes us feel a little more secure. Handy for trimming and such too. Gonna start tomorrow if the rain lets up. Thanks a bunch.

Maire, thank you so much, we love all of our animals. The goats are pets first, farm animals second. Guess that's why this will never be a for profit farm. hehe!! That's ok, I still love it.

Thank you all for you kind comments, I always look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

You know, I never thought about the fact that the goat might not WANT to be there. I just think you set on down and milk. Ta Da! I'm pretty sure that all the hard work you're doing will be worth it,though! I love the picture of the milk in the pail! Did you drink it? :-)

TEAM HALL said...

Awwww are such a gentle soul. What luck to be an animal at your farm.

Christy said...

My son and I are getting ready to build a milk stand and we don't even have goats yet LOL. But when we get them this spring we will be getting 1 doe in milk to go with the babies. I don't want to wait another year to start milking a goat.

warren said...

Warm hands man...warm hands!

Heck, sounds like a good start...I bet you were both a little nervous!

The Scavenger said...

Gen, she wasn't too happy about the whole thing. lol It'll get better with time. Not enough milk to drink, gave it to the cat. hehe!!

Team hall, thank you for that. The neighbors animals seem to show up here a lot too. lol

Christy, good for you. Geting the stand now will be much better than what I did. Can't wait till you get your doe and kids, be sure to lets us know.

Warren, that's what I forgot to do man, warm my hands. lol I knew I was forgetting something.

Thanks for the comments everyone.