Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Stylin" New Kids on the Block

Well, Liv thought it was just too cold for these new kids to be unclothed tonight so she decided to get them some snazzy new matching hooded sweatshirts. Ain't they cool??

Storm is Stylin.

And of course little Miss Prissy had to have one too. She also wants the matching handbag to go along with her Stylin new sweatshirt. Man I hope Liv don't buy it for her.....

She almost looks like an opossum in this picture. Come to think of it so do I. LOL

Look mommy, it's like a little baby doll.


edifice rex said...

Those goats are so cute! And in sweaters; that's one of the funniest things I've seen lately.

The Scavenger said...

Edifice Rex, thanks and they do look pretty funny don't they. lol

Thanks for stopping by,


Don said...

Those goats look like they're settling themselves right at home. I think they are planning on you bulding them some bunkbeds to go along with their new jammies!

I'm glad to see you didn't get hit too hard by the ice.

Amy said...

OK, you are having too much fun with those kids!

Anonymous said...

Oooh my is that not the cutest thing ever LOL What a lovely family you have,best wishes and stay warm;)

Anonymous said...

Where's my matching sweater?

Christy said...

That is the cutest damn thing I've ever seen!

Juri said...

What absolutely sweet faces...and all dressed up in their cute sweaters! What a way to start my morning...looking at your pictures with a huge smile on my face! I have enjoyed reading your blog!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

I just love goat babies. Your pictures make me miss ours.

Thank you for sharing.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Those goats are absolutely adorable! Dressing them up is too funny!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

That is too cute! They look warm in their fashionable new clothes!

warren said...

That last pic with you - it really does look like a possum. You are more like a polar bear with the white on your face... ;-)

TEAM HALL said...

I love the sweaters! That's hilarious! Everyone's looking reeeeeal happy with the new arrivals! Looks good on yah!

Marie said...

Beautiful goat kids--looking like they might be getting just a litttle spoiled--in a good way--and loving every minute of it. Congratulations--that goat herd of yours is growing by leaps and bounds!

DayPhoto said...

Oh, how darling! They are just the sweetest things.


scoutinlife said...

Now that's priceless!

The Scavenger said...

Don, thanks man and they have bunk beds in the barn. Storm wasn't too bad at all.

Amy, come on down and join the fun. lol

Mama, thank you so much, I kinda like 'em.

Matt, gonna go get you one today man. lol

Christy, I couldn't agree more. hehe!!

Juri, thank you very much. Glad you enjoy my

Debbie, thank ya, go out and get you some more goats honey and join in the fun..heheh!!

Gen, they do like funny but it does help keep them good and warm too.

Shiloh, thanks and they seem to even like them too. Good and warm for them in this bitter cold weather.

Warren, I think it's were I have been using that toothpaste with peroxide in it. It drops down on my chin and makes my beard turn white, been falling on my chest too I think.

Team Hall, thanks a bunch buddy, we are a pretty happy bunch as I'm sure you can see.

Marie, thanks, the herd is grow pretty fast now. Still have one more doe that is due to kid soon. Makes me happy to no end.

Debbie, thank you. We love any kind of animal around here. lol Maybe too mcuh...

Scout, thanks buddy. You need a few on you homestead man, milk, cheese and soap. You get the idea.

Wow, thank you all for stopping by to see our new arivails, we love our goats and are happy to share our life with them and you. Please come back often and visit with us here at JFF.


Kymber said...

DUDE - is that YOU???? yer waaaay cuter than i imagined - bahahah!

Liv and little one are absolutely gorgeous too (but they always have been eh?)!

i am sooo happy to see you and your family and your goats sooo fashionable! and soooo happy! put a big smile on my face - thanks buddy!

man...i really like calling you friend!

Kymber said...

oh ya ...fergot to mention...just a few posts ago you are quoting Vanilla Ice....and now yer referencing New Kids on the Block?!?!?!?!

man --- do you ever got some 'splaining to do!!!!

(kymberz theory: when was the last time anyone heard of Eminem??? been a while eh? but right around the time Eminem Disappeared - the Scavenger Appeared!!!! yep - you guessed my theory - the Scavenger and Eminem are one and the same person! oh - now that is toooo funny! bahahah!)

The Scavenger said...

Kymber, thanks, guess I do look pretty Hot in my cover alls....LOL

Well you found me out...I am the real Slim Shady..

Chris < still laughing.....hahaha!!!

Thank you my very good friend.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the goats, The missus occasionally puts lambs in jackets when orphaned to help them against the cold, mind you Australia doesnt get anywhere near as cold as you guys.

By the way how is the coke and cig count going ;)
Hate for you to lose the motivating drive of your readers
All the best

Lisa said...

OH my Goodness they are so cute. I love me some storm ;) Your family is also very beautiful. I keep telling Dave I want goats... sigh apparently the danes already take up too much room!!

Lisa said...

p.s. that last comment was me from the wrong account

City Mouse said...

Good looking kids! And so cute in the clothes. I like Storm's ensemble! Just wanted to say hi - I happened here via my good friend Peggy at Hidden Haven, who has been my "goat mentor." We're just getting started on building our place. I'll be sure to add myself to your follow list so I can come back often! Awesome blog, and gorgeous place you have!

Kymber said...

well buddy - i sure do hope that you are happy - i just spit tea all over my monitor AND keyboard after reading your response of being "the real slim shady" - bahahahahah!

that was waaaaay tooo funny Chris!