Friday, January 2, 2009

Goat Kids and Preps

Had to go to town today (Grrrrr) so I thought since I was there anyway I might as well pick up some goodies. Found this great first aid kit made by Johnson&Johnson. This thing is loaded with all kinds of stuff. 200 pieces and coverage for Skin: Wound Treatment and Protection, itch relief,burns,poison ivy toxin removal, splinter removal. Muscle: aches and pains,swelling,finger sprains,muscle pain. Body: diarrhea,body heat retention,colds and allergies. Equipment and instructions: emergency light, first aid instruction,temperature measurement. All in this neat plastic container that is marked as first aid. We needed to add some stuff to our first aid and this thing just has so many different things that I thought it would be a great addition. I would also recommend this to any one as a very good starter first aid kit. Walmart-$20.00 I also picked up 2 more 1lb (well 1.02 lbs) propane fuel bottles. I try to pick up a few of these each month. Walmart-$5.36 for a 2 pack.

Well I might as well pick up some more CFL's while I'm there too. These things can really save you some $$$. You get the same amount of light as a 60 watt bulb for only 13 watts. If you change all the bulbs in your house to these CFL's you will see a difference in your energy usage. Walmart-$6.97 for a 3 pack, they cost a little more but are well worth the savings.

Then on to Lowes. My meter has been on the injured list for a while now. It's an old one that my Dad gave me years ago. And I mean like 30 years or so ago. I have to have one for my alternative energy projects, so I'm already here, and it's cheaper to get it now rather than come back to town later to buy one. This one should fit my needs just fine. Lowes-$21.95. The funny thing is I just went to Walmart to pick up a prescription and Lowes to get 3 2x6's. Hey, it's stuff that we need and can use so I can justify the cost.

The new goat kids are really doing well. They are running and jumping around the lot and having a ball. They seem to be really healthy. The doe we have named Eve, they were born on New Years Eve and it just seemed right. She has a white spot on the top of her head. The buck kid will be Scout.

This is Scout wondering what those things are with the feathers.

Gotta grab a little warm milk before he goes out to scout the area again.Lou Lou looks like she may be getting close to having kids of her own soon. Only time will tell, I'm not even gonna try to guess again. lol


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you made the trip worthwhile...first aid kits are a blessing when you need them, the meter looks like a good one, the lites are good (I use them).

At least now you won't have to go into town for a bit, right?

The Scavenger said...

Jim, It was a worthwhile trip. I hate to go to town for anything but when I do I make the best of it. Got some pretty good stuff that is both functional and useful. That's my 2 favortie things. lol Thanks for stopping by Jim, good to hear from ya.


Marie said...

I need to check to see if a first aid kit like that is available at our local Wal-Mart--that's a good price. I like the energy efficiency of the light bulbs--I just have read horrible things about what happens when they break, so they make me nervous. Good job with the preps and glad to see that the goat kids are doing so well...

The Scavenger said...

Marie, this first aid kit is full of good stuff, be sure to see if you can find one too and let me know how you like it. I have never had a CFL to break so I'm not sure what happens. Thanks for your comment, always appreciated.

Your friend,


riverwalker said...

Good first aid kits are always a good thing to have.Got a bunch myself. Good post!


Ken said...

...bought that exact same kit,to replace one recently lost in a 'meltdown' a fine kit,perfect for starter or back-up...not real sure on the CFLs tho,money's too tight to upgrade right now

...nice pics too...thanx for sharing.

The Scavenger said...

RW, you can never have too many medical supplies on hand. Thanks.

Ken, I guess great minds do think alike. lol The more I think about it this one may be good to just keep in the van.

Thanks for your comments,

Your firend,


Marie said...

Although I read about the bulbs elsewhere too, just thought I'd send a link so that you would see why I mentioned that they make me nervous, and reportedly snopes tries to clear the rumors from the facts:

So, if one breaks, please get your children away from it and don't vacuum--in the article linked, there are recommended methods for cleaning one up that are more detailed, so you might want to take a look.
Maybe (hopefully) you will never break a light bulb, but you never know when someone might knock over a lamp or something. We have children at our house, and you do too, so I thought you might want a head's up... Sorry to be long-winded!

Amy said...

Sounds like you got some great tools and gadgets today! Those kids are just adorable. Gosh I'd love to hug them! Congrats on the beautiful babies!

The Scavenger said...

Marie, I will for sure check that site out. Never had one break so never thought much about it. Thanks for the heads up.

Amy, thanks, guess you could say I got my prep on. lol Trying to stay ahead of the game. I'll give the new kids a big hug for ya.

Thanks for the comments, it's always good to hear from friends


Don said...

good luck with your smokes and cokes.

I like how you are tracking your daily doses. I think it will help you see progress and knowing others are watching and rooting for you will help too!

I'm rooting for you from Michigan!

Go Chris!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

The first aid kit looks good! What is the meter for? Do you use the kerosene for something specific or is it for emergency preparedness? Those goats sure are adorable! Thanks for the pics!

The Scavenger said...

Don, thanks for the support from up north. I think I have a team in place acroos the board now. Keeping track helps me to see my down falls and sometimes a little progress. It's hard to be so honest but I'd just be lying to myself. Thanks for your support.

Gen, the meter is to check voltage and amps on anything electrical. I am planning some home brew electric projects and I need to be able to see what kind of output I'm getting. I have a small solar panel for one and an electric motor that I can use as a generator. I hope to get time to work on these projects in the near future. The propane is used for my 2 little camp stoves. I have a 1 burner and a 2 burner that can be used in an emergency for quick heating and cooking if the need comes. I try to have a good supply of them on hand. We love the goat kids, I can't seem to stay away fromt them hehe.

Thanks for the comments, always glad to hear from ya.