Tuesday, January 20, 2009

KPN Post

I'm posting over at Kentucky Preppers Network today in a post titled Off Guard and Off Grid. I would like to invite you all over to take a look. Comments are of course always appreciated. Posting as The Scavenger as always.




kymber said...

hey buddy - i just read your post on the kentucky preppers network - excellent post! (you know i will stalk you anywhere! woops - i meant - follow!) it is an especially good post for people who have never even considered some of the basic preps in dealing with a simple power outage....these people don't even know what "off-grid" means and it could teach them something! good on ya!

i tried to post a comment on the post but it only allows people with a Google/Blogger ID...which i don't have. i can go and set one up but is it possible to allow the other options (like the ones on your blog)...the OpenID, Name/Url (which i use) and Anonymous?

if not...that is fine. i will set up a Google/Blogger ID thing.

as well...i hope that a canadian preppers network can be started - modeled off of the american one. until that time - i will be advising all of my friends to hit up the american preppers network - and pay special attention to the kentucky network!

thanks again for your hard work in all of this! remember - you are not only helping people in your community, county or state - you are helping people from other countries too!

your friend,

The Scavenger said...

Kymber, than you very much. Thanks for the stalking. LOL This is just basic info that anyone should know and preps anyone should have. Many still do not. Got the comments changed so that you and anyone can now comment. Look forward to hearing from you.

Maybe you can start a Canadian Preppers Network. I know you could do it. Then we could have a World Preppers Network in the works.

Thanks for being such a good friend always.


Bethany said...

Your goats are so cute!

The Scavenger said...

Bethany, thank you much. I love your goat pic.